Safety first: Police officers to watch over national team during EURO 2020

While fans will be boosting the Polish national football team’s morale during UEFA EURO 2020, a total of 10 Polish police officers will be Poland’s dream team guardian angels.

Road to Henri Delaunay Trophy: Euro 2020 kicks off

The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is officially underway, with the Polish team starting their adventure on Monday against Slovakia.

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Six officers are going to St. Petersburg in Russia and four to Seville in Spain. They will follow the Polish national team to every country they play in.

In 2012, when Poland co-hosted the European Championship with Ukraine, Polish police officers’ task differed from what the 10 will zoom in on.

“Their main tasks include helping our countrymen in various situations, it may be random situations, where, for example, someone breaks an arm and a leg, and it will be necessary to ask for help, serve as an interpreter but also in a situation where for example, a Polish citizen is robbed,” the spokesperson of the police headquarters Mariusz Ciarka said.

In Saint Petersburg, Russia, Poles will play two matches, whereas in Seville, Spain, just one. The most important thing is for Polish fans to feel safe there.

“Our two outstanding officers will be delegated to Europol, to join the staff tasked with coordinating all activities related to the euro games,” inspector Ciarka added.

The UEFA EURO 2020 tournament started on Friday. It is time to fasten your seatbelts now as for the Polish national team the showdown starts on Monday with Poland facing Slovakia.