Space sector important part of new industrial policy: Polish Space Agency

The Polish Space Agency (POLSA) announced on June 11th more efficient use of satellite data and building a space security system have been included among the main objectives of the new Polish Industrial Policy.

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POLSA stated that more than 100 companies are active in the Polish space industry, developing space software, precision mechanics, robotic solutions, optics, avionics and technologies used for space observation.

“Nationwide, 262 companies are engaged in the production of aircraft, spacecraft and similar machines. About 20 thousand people are employed in the industry,” a communique released by POLSA reads.

The Polish Space Agency noted that the main assumptions of the Polish Industrial Policy for the development of the space sector, presented on June 9 by Deputy PM, Jarosław Gowin are: “more effective use of satellite data, building a space security system and increasing the number of technical graduates.”

“One of the main challenges of the Polish space industry is to become more involved in international supply chains. Small and medium-sized enterprises are becoming an important player in the sector,” noted the head of POLSA, Prof. Grzegorz Wrochna.

Prof. Wrochna emphasised that the development of technology and miniaturisation of systems allow companies to create instruments that provide data that is of great importance for the economy and science.

In his opinion, the opportunity for the sector lies in the development of New Space (a term used to describe the commercialisation of the space sector), new technologies, the availability of national as well as EU funds and the high quality of Polish education in technical sciences.

The POLSA communique also highlights that the instruments of the National Space Program, R&D tax credits and demands from the public sector will speed up the development of technologies dedicated to the collection, processing and use of digital data originating from low-earth orbit.

The Polish Space Agency stresses the need to increase the number of technical graduates who will be ready to work in the aerospace industry. It suggests that it should be addressed by more focus on fields of education suitable for employment in the space industry and by reorganising faculties so that they become consistent with the needs of the space sector. The New Industrial Policy of Poland is a strategic vision of the future development of Polish industry. It was created by the Development, Labour and Technology Ministry in cooperation with industry experts. The aim of the programme is to make the Polish industry sector more resilient to crises and to strengthen Polish exports, as well as to effectively position Polish companies on global markets.

Some of the main tools to be used to implement the Polish Industrial Policy include deregulation, industry contracts, procurement policies and Research and Development (R&D) programmes.