One hundred Medieval coins found in central Poland

Forests around Toruń hide many secrets from the past, such as nearly a hundred silver Teutonic and Polish coins found in the vicinity of Wielka Nieszawka, central Poland.

The coins were found by the “Weles” historical and exploratory group operating in the region.

“Usually one can find one or two coins, but it is a rarity to find about 100 silver coins from over 600 years ago in one place in such good condition. These are not only Teutonic coins; there are also a few coins of king Casimir IV Jagiellon and - what is very valuable - there are several one-sided coins from the Toruń mint, which is also a rarity,” said Arkadiusz Wyrzykowski from the "Weles" group.

Seekers also come across other things, such as a spur that probably dates back to the 14th century. It is also a very rare discovery, because it was found in one piece.

“We are obliged to track such a find and put its description on a piece of paper. We also estimate the depth at which it was found and the possible coordinates,” said Arkadiusz Szopiński from the "Weles" group.

The items are then examined by the conservator of relics, if they are considered of historical interest, they are sent for conservation and from there to a museum.