Polish Deal equals investment, new conditions for development: PM

The Polish Deal equals investments, moreover, it equals building and creating new conditions for development, PM Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday, arguing that Polish entrepreneurs pulled through the crisis well mainly thanks to the stimulus package and their firms were ready for a “tiger leap forward”.

Global solidarity required for rebuilding after COVID-19 pandemic: President

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On Tuesday, the PM told Polish commercial, local broadcaster Telewizja Wschód (TV East) that in the context of the investments underway in Poland, including the rebuilt bridge in Mogielnica (region of the city of Siedlce, eastern Poland) that the Polish Deal “is reconstruction and something more — it is the construction and creation of new conditions for development” adding that following the COVID-19 pandemic “thus we begin a new chapter in the history of Poland, Europe and the world.”

The PM said that the coronavirus pandemic has been an immense catastrophe and tragedy for many families, albeit “from an economic point of view, a new chapter opens. I want this new chapter to be of ample opportunities for Poland and Poles to seize them.” The official pointed to the fact that the rebuilt bridge was one of a thousand planned and completed investments that came in the framework of the Polish Deal. He stressed that “the Polish Deal is about investments inasmuch as that it is about development conditions in such places as the region of Siedlce.”

Asked about his assessment of the condition of Polish enterprises in the wake of consecutive pandemic waves, the PM said he “assessed the condition of the enterprises to be good” stipulating that sectors such as gastronomy and hotels were “battered” by the crisis.

“In general, Polish entrepreneurs survived the crisis well to a large extent thanks to the stimulus packages. This means that they have preserved the value of their companies, which they have been building for years. As a result, we have saved millions of workplaces and today these companies are ready for a tiger leap, for a prodigious development leap in the post-COVID-19 world,” Mr Morawiecki said.

The PM felt that Poland’s unemployment was very low and export dynamic high in contrast to other EU states. He spoke of good “leading indicators” pertinent to… industrial commissions, which, in his opinion, indicated “strong development ahead.” He said that “it is worth employing people as great times lie ahead of us.”

Mr Morawiecki also went on to stress that there was no “Poland A, B or C” within the Polish Deal and that the government would earmark millions to bridges, roads and the reconstruction of monuments in all parts of the country.