Polish-US relations are very close: FM

“The meeting of the presidents Andrzej Duda and Joe Biden in Brussels proves that Polish-American relations in the most basic dimension: mutual interests, especially those related to security, are very close,” Zbigniew Rau, the Foreign Minister, told commercial broadcaster TV Republika on Tuesday.

Polish, American presidents discuss military, economic issues

The conversation between the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the US President, Joe Biden, took place at the invitation of...

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Presidents Duda and Biden met on Monday on the fringes of the NATO leaders’ summit. According to the Polish president, the security of Central and Eastern Europe, including the security of Poland, is “very close to Mr Biden’s heart.”

“This meeting is only a confirmation of this fact, and the facts pointing to this type of Polish-American relationship take place practically every day, every week. These are the talks of the defense ministers, these are also my talks with Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Everyone who is professionally involved at least a bit in these issues knows perfectly well that these are permanent, intensive contacts concerning a whole complex of issues,” the FM emphasised.

Although President Biden’s administration withdrew sanctions against the company supervising the construction of the Nord Stream 2, the minister expressed his conviction that the US government was still against this project. He admitted that he sees dualism concerning, on the one hand, the conceptual rejection of this project, and on the other hand, no active obstruction of this completion. He added that the gas pipeline is a solution unfavorable to Poland’s interest - in terms of both political, military and energy security.

Czech Republic suggests penalty for Poland for further extraction in Turów

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When asked about the conflict about the lignite mine in Turów, he mentioned that an inter-ministerial negotiating team is being appointed, consisting of several constitutional ministers, to negotiate with the Czech Republic on this mine in Turów. He believes that the events related to Nord Stream 2, Baltic Pipe and the Turów mine can be interpreted as activities that lead to the limitation of our sovereignty and subjectivity in the international dimension.

At the end of February 2021, the Czech government brought a complaint to the CJEU against Poland regarding the expansion of the mine, together with a request to apply the so-called interim measures, which would mean an order to suspend production. The Czech government has argued that the lawsuit is necessary to protect Czech citizens because Poland has failed to meet Prague's environmental demands. At the end of April, the Minister of Climate extended the mining license in Turów until 2044.

In May, the CJEU ordered the immediate suspension of mining at the mine. The European Commission joined the Czech lawsuit against Poland. Production at the mine has not stopped.

Regarding the Baltic Pipe, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency now has to carry out additional studies necessary to assess whether the investment may destroy or damage breeding sites or resting places for protected species identified in a complaint brought by four environmental organisations.