Train travel from Warsaw to Łódź will soon take 45 minutes: official

In 2027, passengers will be able to travel by train from Warsaw to Łódź in 45 minutes thanks to infrastructural development, part of the construction of the Solidarity Transport Hub (CPK), said the government's plenipotentiary for the CPK, Marcin Horała.

“Thanks to the investments, the journey from Warsaw Central station to the CPK will take a quarter of an hour, and the journey from the CPK to Łódź will take another half an hour,” Marcin Horała said. He emphasised that there will be a lot of connections.

“It will be a breakthrough in the Warsaw - Łódź transit, which will bring many opportunities for the inhabitants of both cities. In a functional sense, they will become one city. It will be possible to live in one and work, go shopping or go to the theater in the other,” the government’s plenipotentiary for the CPK said.

He added that the first several kilometers of the CPK railway line have already been built as part of the reconstruction of the Western Railway Station in Warsaw.

Recently, an agreement was signed for a technical, economic and environmental study on the Warsaw-CPK-Łódź route. This is the final preparatory stage followed by the design and construction of the entire line.