Vast majority of Poles to stay in country on holidays: poll

As much as 64 percent of Poles plan to spend their holidays in the country, while only 16 percent want to go abroad, according to the Payback Opinion Poll.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the Polish citizens to change their holiday plans. The vast majority - 41 percent of the respondents - have changed their travel destination, 16 percent changed the date and the budget for holidays. This year, 17 percent of those polled will completely resign from vacations, the reasons for such a decision being lack of funds, workload and travel restrictions.

Among those who decide to spend their holidays in the country, the Polish sea will be the most popular destination, with 36 percent of respondents planning their holidays there. subjects. Some 20 percent will head for the Polish mountains, while 15 percent will choose the Polish lakes as their place of leisure.

One of the elements that was affected by the pandemic is the holiday budget. As many as 26 percent of respondents indicate that the estimated budget per person will fluctuate between the amount of EUR 110.63 and EUR 220.82. A slightly larger amount, from EUR 221.04 to EUR 331.24, will be spent by 20 percent of those polled. In turn, 18 percent is willing to have their holiday budget amounting up to EUR 441.65, while only 11 percent is inclined to spend more than EUR 662.47.

Poles intend to spend these holidays - the vast majority of them (56 percent) will take furlough in July or August - with their loved ones. As many as 59 percent of respondents planned a family vacation, 27 percent will set off with a partner, and 9 percent of those polled will be accompanied by friends or acquaintances.