Warsaw's Royal Castle holds exhibition of coins depicting Polish rulers

“The exhibition is a symbol of Polish independence and glory of the Polish monarchy in connection with the royal castle that plays various functions, such as being a museum, carrying out historical activities,” says Wojciech Fałkowski, PhD, the Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

The Royal Castle in Warsaw is holding an exhibition of coins depicting Polish rulers.

Michal Zawadzki, head of the royal castle’s numismatic cabinet explained that the royal medalists modelled the medals based on portraits which decorate the royal castle in Warsaw.

It was Poland’s last king, Stanisław August Poniatowski, who was known as the patron of art that commissioned a series of medals with images of Polish rulers at the end of his reign.

The National Bank of Poland has issued a series of collector coins depicting Polish kings.

“After more than two hundred years, the national bank of Poland is bringing the series back to life, albeit in a slightly different version, because 200 years ago, these were occasional medals of honor, but today they are coins,” Paweł Szałamacha, member of the management board, NBP emphasised.

The contemporary version of these medals will come as both silver and gold coins. The gold coins are a 500 PLN (109,68 EUR) denomination, the silver ones are a 50 PLN (10.97 EUR) denomination.

Recently two more have been added to the collection. One depicting Władysław IV Waza and John II Casimir Waza. The royal exhibition will last until the end of August.