First Polish artificial island emerges from sea

The Estyńska Island, the first Polish artificial island, is being constructed along with the Vistula Spit canal.

A few dozen minutes of a cruise into the Vistula Lagoon from the place where the Vistula Spit canal is being dug, and one can step on the dry soil of the Estyńska Island. A reinforced perimeter ring enclosing the island is nearly done.

“It was created so that birds could come here, it is a form of compensation for the fact that the Vistula Spit was dug,” said Magdalena Skorupka Kaczmarek, a representative of the contractor.

Once completed, the island will serve as a bird nesting ground. However, it will also serve a different purpose - this is where the spoil material from the dug of the nearby ship canal will be stored. The workers have already started filling the site with the spoil material.

Both the Estyńska Island and Vistula Spit canal are scheduled to be completed in 2022.