40 years of Independent Farmers’ Trade Union Solidarity

Members of the Independent Farmers’ Trade Union Solidarity celebrated the 40th anniversary of its registration in Warsaw. It was the first agricultural union organisation in Poland that was independent of the communist authorities.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki sent a letter to the participants of the anniversary celebrations. “The activity of the Independent Self-governing Trade Union Solidarity is part of the history of the Solidarity movement and the struggle to overthrow the communist government. Today we remember the struggle for the subjectivity of the inhabitants of the Polish countryside. Thanks to the unity and determination of those who had the courage to oppose the communist regime, it ended in victory,” the Prime Minister indicated.

The celebrations began with a mass in the cathedral under the invocation of Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. In his sermon, Bishop Michał Janocha noted that the uniting of farmers and the creation of an independent union was an extraordinary act under the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL).

Members of the trade unions laid flowers in front of the monument to Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński and at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The main celebrations in the capital took place at the National Philharmonic, where, among others, awards were presented to distinguished members of the association.

The Minister of Agriculture, Grzegorz Puda, thanked the audience for their hard work. He also pointed to bills to be introduced and to respond to farmers’ demands.

The Independent, Self-Governing Trade Union (NSZZ) of Individual Farmers Solidarity was registered on May 12, 1981 by the Provincial Court in Warsaw.