Polish TV-series and documentaries appreciated by European broadcasters

The TV series " Prosecutor", "I’ll Be Fine", documentaries "Belarus. The Beginning” and “ The Tastes of Cuba” are just some of the titles selected by European public TV broadcasters thanks to the programme exchange by the European Broadcasting Union. The content offered by TVP as part of this year's exchange will be aired by a total of 12 European public broadcasters.

This year's EBU programme exchange is the second edition of the project launched in 2020 in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and the related stagnation in the production of new content. By participating in the exchange, TVP obtains the possibility to grant licenses for programmes from the exchange pool to EBU members and, similarly, it can air programmes made available by other members of this organisation.

- The participation of TVP production in the EBU programme exchange allows our content to reach public television in Europe - explains Marek Solon-Lipiński, director of International Relations at Sales and International Relations Department of TVP and member of the EBU Television Committee. - Thanks to the participation in the EBU, as an international distributor of audiovisual content, we take the opportunity to promote a wide catalogue of our programs. We are pleased that our offer is highly valued and that so many European broadcasters want to take advantage of it.

This year, nine items were included in the final exchange pool from the programs offered by TVP. The titles offered to other members of the EBU include TV series, documentaries and programs for children.

Among the titles from TVP's offer there is a documentary directed by Witold Szabłowski, "The Tastes of Cuba”. This film has been selected by eight broadcasters from countries such as Croatia, Moldova, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, San Marino, and Australia.

„Belarus. The Beginning”, dir. Fyodor Bogomolov, „Syria. Attack on Rojava”, dir. Witold Repetowicz, „Catalan Dream” dir. Weronika Milczewska, as well as a series devoted to Polish design: „A Polish Thing” are among other documentary projects by Telewizja Polska, which will be watched by viewers of public broadcasters associated with the EBU. The first broadcast already took place in mid-June; a film about the background behind Belarusian protests was broadcast by Latvian public television.

- We are very pleased with the international interest in TVP's current affairs documentaries. We have been developing this format for some time. The period 2019-2021 should be closed with about 20 of our own productions on the contemporary world, devoted to, among others, Czech Republic, South Africa, Albania, Lebanon, England, Scotland. Our ambition is to show that Polish artists are also able to create fascinating documentaries for Polish and foreign viewers about the most important political and social processes and phenomena in the world. The great interest in this year's EBU exchange shows that we have chosen the right direction and that our productions are at a high level - comments Tomasz Piechal, editor-in-chief of TVP Dokument.

European broadcasters also included the following series: „ Prosecutor”, „I’ll Be Fine”, Andrzej Wajda's digitally reconstructed series „Promised Land”, as well as the series for children „Magic Tree”. TVP productions will be shown in Australia, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia.

- We tried to offer our partners from other European countries productions that are highly attractive and entertaining, such as our series or programs for children, but also those that show the best of Poland, such as the excellent TVP Kultura series about Polish design, " A Polish Thing", or those that deal with international issues important from a Polish point of view, e.g. a documentary about the elections in Belarus - Marek Solon-Lipiński adds. - The EBU program exchange is a tool for us to maintain interest in our programs among our existing partners, to reach new recipients with our offer, but also to show solidarity with public media from Europe in the face of the ongoing crisis - emphasises the TVP representative in the EBU Television Committee.

The European Broadcasting Union is the world's largest organisation of public broadcasters, associating television and radio stations, including 116 active members from 56 countries (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) and 34 affiliated members from 34 countries from further parts of the world. In total, EBU member stations reach an audience of more than one billion people worldwide, broadcasting in over 160 languages.