New pandemic restrictions for travellers arriving in Poland by air

Before boarding a plane to Poland, airline passengers must fill in electronic location cards, providing their temporary address in Poland, as per an amendment to government regulation on pandemic restrictions that come into force on Saturday.

If electronic location cards are not available at a point of departure, the airline crews will distribute paper forms to all passengers to collect information on their expected location in Poland.

The amendment to the regulation on pandemic restrictions also expands the categories of passengers that are exempt from the border quarantine, including children under 12 years of age who travel under the supervision of the airline crew and persons who cross an external border as defined by the Schengen border code and have an EU digital COVID certificate.

Moreover, the amendment concerns a list of countries, which will preclude travellers departing from these locations from getting quarantine exemptions, even if they obtain a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result “done within 48 hours of crossing the country’s border or at the airport prior to boarding.”

The amended regulations, with some exceptions, come into force as of 10 July, 2021.