Rock Rachon: New conservative alliance in Europe

Leaders of conservative parties in Europe issued a joint declaration opposing the revolution currently being implemented by the political elite of the European Union.

We do not want revolutions restricting freedom: ruling party leader

“Today, the leaders of many parties in Europe, including PiS, the Italian Northern League, the National Rally in France, and Fidesz in Hungary...

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The declaration was signed in connection with the ongoing debate and conference on the future of Europe.

Its signatories stressed that the goal of their cooperation is a profound reform of the EU by returning to the ideas that underlie it, with the sovereign role of European nations.

They also drew attention to the decline in the confidence of the citizens of the Member States in the EU’s institutions, which, in their opinion, is a consequence of “the reinterpretation of the Treaties.”

The guests of Rock Rachon were Maciej Kożuszek, Balázs Hidvéghi, Matthew Tyrmand and Carlo Fidanza.