Rock Rachon: Ideological divide in Europe deepens

The so-called Matic Report, a Parliament resolution that addresses one of the key issues dividing Europe ideologically, was voted on in the European Parliament. The report's authors recognise abortion, among others, as a human right.

The report presented by Croatian MEP Predrag Fred Matic is one of many ideological documents that target countries and nations in the European Union for which the traditional family model is the basis of social organisation.

This is the case, for example, in Hungary, where a law that aims to protect children from paedophilia was passed by the parliament. This law has been criticised by the EU institutions, which Viktor Orban considers a political attack.

Central Europe is once again becoming a field of European conflict – this time, however, it is not a military confrontation but rather a culture war. Poland and Hungary specifically have become a culture battlefield in Europe around LGBTQ+ issues.

The signing of a framework agreement between the PKN Orlen, Poland's biggest fuel and energy company, and the Synthos Group, on cooperation in the field of zero-emission energy was also discussed in the Rock Rachon programme. The agreement covers, among other endeavours, small and micro-nuclear reactors and offshore wind energy.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Max-Erwann Gastineau, Dominika Ćosić, Daniel Czyżewski and Matthew Tyrmand.