Rock Rachon: Legal changes in Poland cause tension with Israel

Adoption by the Sejm, Polish parliament’s Lower House, of an amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure, which limits the possibility of challenging administrative decisions after more than 30 years, has caused another diplomatic row between Poland and Israel.

Right addressee is Germany: official on Israeli claims

“The right addressee of Israel’s demands is Germany,” Sebastian Kaleta, deputy Minister of Justice, told the news website, commenting...

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Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid labelled the bill a "disgrace". A statement from the Israeli foreign ministry said the legislation could affect up to 90 pct of property restitution requests from Holocaust survivors and their descendants.

“Unfortunately, Israel pursues a policy aimed at forcing us to pay for the property of Polish citizens who did not have heirs and lost their lives as a result of the German state crime of the Holocaust,” Sebastian Kaleta, deputy Minister of Justice, stressed in response to such claims, emphasising that Israel “tries to convince us that Poles have to erase alleged blame for this period.”

Poland, contrary to what Yair Lapid and the Israeli Foreign Ministry suggest, was a victim of World War II, not its perpetrator. The German Holocaust was the work of democratically elected German authorities and was implemented by the German state in the territories invaded by the German army and carried out by the administrative forces of the German state.

Also discussed in the Rock Rachon programme were the Russian defence ministry claims that a patrol ship fired warning shots and a jet dropped bombs in the path of HMS Defender as it sailed roughly 19km off Crimea's coast. The UK government, on the other hand, has rejected that account of the incident and denied that any warning shots had been fired.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Maciej Kożuszek, Maciej Rusiński, Timothy Ogden and Matthew Tyrmand.