European Championships of Polish Diaspora Teams conclude in Leszno

The hosts, Polonia 1912 Leszno, won the European Championships of Polish Diaspora Teams, the three-day event that was held for the first time in history.

Some 20 million Poles live abroad. From this group, tens of thousands are associated with amateur football clubs.

Eight teams from Poland, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany competed for the title: FC Polonia Berlin, FC Poland Vienna, PNS Schiedam, Polonia 1912 Leszno, POC Olympia Berlin, FC Białe Orły Tilburg, FC Schadewijk-Poolse Team and Drużyna Polonii - a team of former players of Polonia Leszno.

“The situation related to COVID-19 thwarted our plans a bit. There were many teams from Scandinavia and Great Britain that wanted to take part in the event but ultimately could not,” said Piotr Organista, the organiser of the championship and chairman of Polonia 1912 Leszno.

Putting the score aside, what was the most important and meaningful during this tournament was integration, the opportunity to meet new teams from outside the country, the opportunity to develop in sports and come to Poland again.