Rock Rachon: Echoes of Biden-Putin summit

People in Poland watched the summit of the Russian and American Presidents, Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, primarily because of the issues relevant to the region of the Central-Eastern Europe.

Russian, US leaders discuss cybersecurity, Navalny, Central-Eastern Europe

The presidents of the USA and Russia: Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met in Geneva on Wednesday to discuss bilateral ties, as well as several boiling...

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During the last NATO summit, attended by Joe Biden, decisions were made on further plans of the alliance in that area. In a nutshell, they concern the continued presence of US and NATO troops on the eastern flank and support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine and Georgia and keeping those countries on the path to membership in the Alliance. Joe Biden spoke about the unconditional support for Ukraine's territorial integrity.

This in turn means that Vladimir Putin still refuses to acknowledge that he is the real aggressor in Ukraine, and that in this conflict he wants to act as a referee and not as a war-mongering aggressor, who is opposing Ukraine’s will to join NATO.

During the post-summit conference, the US president also spoke about Belarus, indicating that it is an important issue for America and he ensured partners in the region that Washington will stand for its allies.

The guests of Rock Rachon were Roberts Zīle, Yuri Felshtinsky, Jake Jacobs and Matthew Tyrmand.