Faithful replica of Sigismund Bell available for visit in Kraków

Until the end of the summer holidays, people will be able to take a look at the replica of the legendary Sigismund Bell at various points in the Kraków city centre, the City Hall reported.

On July 13, on the 500th anniversary of the first toll of this unique bell, the colourful Sigismund Parade marched through the streets of Kraków, from the Barbican through the Main Square to the Wawel Castle. Actors in historical costumes, dancers and musicians invited the citizens and visitors to celebrate this unique moment together.

The bell replica was transported on a specially constructed wagon. It was made of hard polystyrene covered with acrylic masses. The copy is identical to Sigismund - only that it is almost 100 times lighter than the original - but all the inscriptions and sculptural decorations have been carefully recreated.

The jubilee celebrations will end with a concert that will take place on July 18 in the Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria - Its title, "For Whom the Bell Tolls''. Musical dialogue Kraków - Milan is a reference to the 16th century reign of Queen Bona, who comes from the Sforza family of Milan.

The Sigismund Bell in Kraków was cast in the bell foundry of Hans Beham of Nuremberg in modern Germany in 1520. The Bell has accompanied the most important religious and state ceremonies in Poland for five hundred years.