Medieval chain mail accidentally found on Odra River’s banks

Members of the Association 515, collecting historical information about the Odra River, accidentally found medieval chain mail on its banks.

Archaeologists emphasise that this is an exceptionally valuable find because very few such items of early medieval knights armour have survived to the present day.

Chain mail, which was excavated during earthworks carried out on the river, has already been hailed by archaeologists as a unique find on a national scale, confirming the importance of Krosno Odrzańskie, Western Poland, in the early Middle Ages.

Chain mail is another artefact found in the Lubuskie Region, which saw the light of day by accident, not as a result of archaeological work.

The valuable find went to the Archaeological Museum of the Middle Nadodrze in Świdnica, South-west Poland. It will be subject to conservation works. Later, the chain mail will be on display there at the exhibition.