Highlanders dress in style without breaking a sweat

Polish highlanders from the mountainous Podhale region in southern Poland stay faithful to the traditions of the ancestors. Dressing in style was always an important component of their identity. The highlanders like to wear traditional colourful embroideries, with many so committed that they even wear the traditional sheepskin vest throughout the summer.

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According to the local customs, most pieces of clothes can be embroidered, ranging from vests, belts, pants and skirts.

The local artisan Rafał Nowak, who works as a tailor, says that he learned the trade from his mother and grandmothers and that the skill is something that runs in the blood of highlanders.

Some question whether it is convenient though. They ask why one would voluntarily put on a pair of trousers made of sheep wool, or wear a sheepskin vest when it is 30°C outside.

Many of the highlanders say that it is possible to withstand the heat, arguing that if their grandparents and fathers could do so then so can they. Some even take their passion for wearing beautiful embroidery so far that they decide to wear a sheepskin coat on top of it, summer or not.