Former TVP journalist climbs Broad Peak without additional oxygen

Oswald Rodrigo Pereira, a former journalist of the Polish public broadcaster TVP, climbed Broad Peak mountain without additional oxygen. He shared a recording from the mountain’s peak. After a few hours on the trail, his team managed to reach the destination. “We did a very good job,” the journalist stated.

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Mr Pereira climbed the twelfth highest mountain in the world on July 18. Broad Peak is 8,051 m (26,414 ft) above sea level and is located between China and Pakistan, southeast of K2, the second-highest peak in the world. His team also included Niels Jep from Belgium and Hugo Ayaviri from Bolivia.

The former TVP journalist posted on the social media platform Instagram that “it may be a bit surprising, but this mountain was in my head from the first time I looked at the Karakoram” [a mountain range on the border of India, Pakistan and China]. He added that “it is also true that I wanted to take a unique K2 photo, and Broad Peak gives you that option”.

On July 17, Mr Pereira with a small team and High Altitude Porters (HAPs) started the climb towards the peak. Unfortunately, “it turned out that we had to deal with huge amounts of snow. In the afternoon, we crossed a huge crevice, but it was impossible to climb in the snow, so we returned to the third camp,” the former TVP journalist said.

Later on “We woke up in the middle of the night, used the ropes up to a point, but then we had to climb alpine style with Hugo and Niels. All three of us reached the summit at 15:15, without additional oxygen and after two days of arduous work. We are the first to climb the Broad Peak this way in this season,” Oswald Pereira stressed.