Hospice staff climb mountains to empower patients

A team made up of medical personnel of a hospice in southern Poland has embarked upon a journey to climb the country’s tallest mountains and bring their experiences back to their patients. In doing so, they wish to empower people whose declining health makes it impossible for them to explore Poland's natural wonders.

Members of medical personnel as well as door-keepers, administrative workers and kitchen staff have all gone mountain climbing during holidays. All for a noble cause.

“Our patients here at the ward cannot do this on their own, so what we want to do is to be their legs, their arms and their eyes. We make these videos and then play them back to them,” explained Sebastian Wala, a staff member at the Cordis Hospice in Katowice explained.

“I’m doing this for them. I guess they’re also thinking about all those people who are in a severe condition and are no longer able to go mountain climbing,” Magdalena Gorzkowska, athlete and Himalayan climber, who will join the expedition pointed out.

The aim of any hospice is to ensure that one can live one’s life with dignity until the very end. Among those who joined the mountain climbing project there are also those whose loved ones have already passed away.

“Here, people have some very different mountains to climb, as they accompany patients for whom their days at the Cordis hospice are also the very last days in their lives - including both children and adults,” emphasised Doctor Jolanta Grabowska-Markowska, Director of the Cordis Hospice.

The group has already conquered 24 out of the 28 peaks that make up the Crown of the Polish Mountains. The entire tour is scheduled to come to an end on August 10, coinciding with the national Mountain Guides and Rescuers Day.