Art market in Poland grows against all odds: daily

“There have never been so many records in the over 30-year history of the Polish auction market. Both old and contemporary art have become popular. There is a boom in surrealism,” informs daily "Puls Biznesu" on Monday.

The daily recalled that the report of Art Basel, the organiser of international art fairs, and the USB bank shows that in 2020 the value of the global art market fell by 22 percent. The United States, the United Kingdom and China, which are the three largest markets with 82 percent of the global art and antiques sales, were hit the hardest.

At the same time, according to the portal, the Polish market grew by 29 percent. "Puls Biznesu" noted that it has gained real momentum this year. In the first quarter, the turnover increased by 72.5 percent year on year, which means that the value of the market has tripled in four years.

This record seemed unbeatable, but the first half of 2021 ended with a similar result compared to the corresponding period of 2020, and the six-month turnover was higher than the whole of 2018.