Germany and the US left Ukraine stranded: German MEP

“Germany and the USA left Ukraine stranded,” Viola von Cramon, Green MEP from Germany, commented on the German-American agreement on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline allowing its completion. She told Polish Press Agency that in her opinion the deal will additionally strengthen anti-Western forces in Ukraine.

The US and German authorities announced on Wednesday an agreement to end the dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. According to the agreement, the US will not sanction any companies involved in the project and Germany is to invest in the Ukrainian energy sector as well as undertake sanctions in the event of hostile actions by Russia and support the Three Seas Initiative.

"Unfortunately, this agreement will have negative consequences for Ukraine in the financial, economic, political and security aspects. The deal contains only vague promises and lacks precise obligations. It is definitely not enough to guarantee Ukraine financial security. I stand with my Ukrainian colleagues who feel they have been left stranded by the US and Germany. The resemblance with the Budapest Memorandum is obvious as the safety measures promised in it were not met either,” emphasised von Cramon who is one of the leading German experts dealing with Russia and other post-Soviet countries.

The Budapest Memorandum is an international agreement signed in December 1994 by the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. It included security assurances against threats or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of Ukraine. In return, Kyiv transferred strategic nuclear weapons to Moscow and acceded to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. However, in 2014 the Crimean Peninsula, a part of Ukraine, was annexed by the Russian Federation.

"Of course, this bilateral agreement between the US and Germany also sends a very negative signal to the Ukrainian people and allows pro-Russian forces to strengthen anti-Western sentiments. These have long been creating the image of the EU and the US as unreliable partners for Ukraine, and Russian propaganda fuels resentment directed against the West. Thanks to this agreement, it has one more argument to support its position,” said von Cramon.