Poland’s role halting Russian use of NS2 as a ‘weapon’: Deputy FM

“Poland's role is to stop Russia using the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a weapon,” Paweł Jabłoński, deputy foreign minister said on Monday in reaction to the new US-German agreement on the controversial pipeline.

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On Wednesday the US and Germany announced they had reached agreement on Nord Stream 2, a project which had been strongly opposed by the Donald Trump administration. Under the agreement the US will no longer impose sanctions on companies involved in the construction of the pipeline that will take Russian gas to Germany.

Poland has opposed its construction, arguing that it undermines European security by increasing energy dependency on Russia.

"Poland's role is to hinder Nord Stream 2 being used by Russia as an effective weapon. Nord Stream 2 means defeat for the countries of Central-East Europe, but, paradoxically, it is also a defeat for the US," Mr. Jabłoński, told the Polish Radio.

Mr Jabłoński added that the agreement brought no benefits to the US side, and warned that the continuation of the Nord Stream 2 project will probably also bring security threats for Europe.