‘Polish Deal’ should be treated as investment: Fin Min

"Tax changes [included in ‘Polish Deal’] will approximately add an extra PLN 8 bn (EUR 1.74 bn) to the pockets of taxpayers, and the costs of changes in the tax act will in total amount to approximately PLN 20 bn (EUR 4.36 bn), according to the Finance Ministry’s estimates," Tadeusz Kościński, Finance Minister, announced on Monday.

In his opinion, "the Polish Deal should be treated as an investment."

As the Minister pointed out, "The ‘Polish Deal’ is tax 'fair play' towards the state. "We want new schools and new hospitals to be established, so that we all feel safe, so in the Polish Deal we propose fair payment of taxes and contributions,” he stressed.

Mr Kościński pointed out that state finances are in very good condition and that government actions helped save many jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. He reiterated that the recession in Poland last year was at 2.7 pct, while the EU average was "more than twice as high". He also drew attention to the fact that the unemployment rate in Poland last year was one of the lowest in the EU.

The Minister pointed out that, according to EUROSTAT, at the end of Q1 this year "Polish debt amounted to 59 pct of the GPD, and when you look at the average debt in the EU, it is 92 pct."

The ‘Polish Deal’ is a new socio-economic programme established by Poland’s ruling coalition, the United Right for the post-COVID-19 pandemic period.