COVID-19: Gov’t to implement further vaccination incentives

We will provide further incentives to vaccinate against COVID-19, but we will also set up procedures that will be in conformity with what is being introduced in Western Europe, said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in Gdańsk, northern Poland, about the policy against the anti-vaccine groups.

COVID-19: Majority of Poles want restrictions for unvaccinated, shows poll

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PM Morawiecki referred to the incident in Grodzisk Mazowiecki in central Poland, where a riot broke out between a group of anti-vaccers, who tried to enter the vaccination point, and the workers of the facility. The police had to intervene and detained two people.

“Each such attack carries legal consequences. This is very blameworthy aggression, and unfortunately, this anti-vaccine movement, which calls itself so, leads to unnecessary heating of emotions in Poland around a topic that is absolutely fundamental as we speak,” he stated.

“The effective fight against COVID-19 is aimed at holding the fourth wave back and minimising the perturbations for our health care and our entire economy in case it reaches Poland," the PM added.

Earlier in July, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that vaccination would be compulsory for medics and care workers. He also announced that from July 21, entry to entertainment and culture places gathering more than 50 people would require a sanitary certificate confirming the full vaccination, the recovery from the virus or a valid negative test for the presence of coronavirus.

From August 1, the certificate will also have to be presented when entering restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, as well as before air travel and longer train or bus routes on the entire territory of France.