COVID-19: Rules during 4th wave to take vaccinations into account

“Regulation introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic during a possible fourth wave, will take into account whether someone has had the disease, is vaccinated or has a negative test result,” Michał Dworczyk, the head of the Polish Prime Minister’s office (KPRM) said.

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Mr Dworczyk pointed out that such demands were made by employers during the consultations on the fight against COVID-19 and the construction of the National Vaccination Programme.

“Various types of analyses are carried out due to the fact that in Poland, as in most EU countries, we see a slowdown in the rate of registration for vaccinations, and consequently we analyse the possibilities of strengthening various types of incentives,” the head of KPRM emphasised.

However, he made a reservation that the verification of vaccinations by employers is only one of the analysed solutions. He stressed that the analyses of individual proposals also concern their compliance with the constitution.

When asked about the possibility of introducing regulations similar to the French ones in Poland, Michał Dworczyk stated that no solutions could be ruled out. “We follow very carefully what is happening in other countries. However, we must remember that Poland has its own specificity and the proposed solutions must be adapted to the situation in Poland,” the head of KPRM stressed.

He announced that the government was preparing for a long-term educational campaign, presented in the coming days by the Education and Science Ministry. Minister Dworczyk added that no final decisions on compulsory vaccinations had been made. “We cannot exclude any variants, related to the fact that some professional groups may be obligated to vaccinate,” the head of KPRM said.

According to data from the Health Ministry from Wednesday, more than 33.9 mln COVID-19 vaccinations have been carried out since the end of December last year in Poland. The number of fully vaccinated people has exceeded 17.1 mln.