Windows into the Dark Side: Beksiński’s surreal art on display in Kraków

Deemed by many as one of the most outstanding and original Polish artists, Zbigniew Beksiński’s fascinating, awe-inspiring and fear-instilling 100 photographs and 100 drawings are now on display at Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in Kraków.

Whether in Poland or abroad, it is difficult not to recognise his ominous works depicting the darkest corners of human nature. Experiencing Beksiński’s art is like sitting in a dark chapel filled with otherworldly choirs and incense of bewilderment.

Beksiński’s black and white photographs depict his wife Zofia, pictures of his home town Sanok, grotesque installations or abstract textures and collages.

“We also have drawings in various techniques. Pastels, charcoal drawings, and pencil drawings, which he is most known for,” said director of the Nowa Huta Culture Centre Zbigniew Grzyb.

The works come from the private collection of Anna and Piotr Dmochowski.