Orlen rebrands its Star petrol stations in Germany

“We are constantly implementing our strategies at home and abroad, but what is most important is that we standardise our stations. Our stations are to be a showcase of Orlen, a showcase in Poland, and a showcase beyond the borders of our country,” the head of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek said.

Orlen has almost 600 stations in Germany under the Star brand. Since 2019 the company is rebranding those gas stations by changing their name to “Orlen-Star”.

During a rebranding operation at one of the petrol stations near Berlin, Daniel Obajtek said “we have taken a decision that all the new and modernised stations in Germany will start operating under the Orlen brand”.

He pointed out that rebranding had already been carried out at seven stations and, by the end of the year an additional seven will be completed.

Moreover, the head of PKN Orlen said that there are plans to allocate nearly PLN 15 billion (EUR 3.3 billion) over the next ten years to develop Orlen’s retail sector.

“Today, we have 2,800 stations. Our strategy assumes that this number will rise to 3,500,” he added.