Opole Festival is a triumph of Polish music: TVP Chairman

“The Opole Festival is a triumph of Polish music,” said the chairman of TVP, Jacek Kurski. The festival organised by the Polish public broadcaster TVP closes on Tuesday.

Opole Festival’s aim is to present a summary of the past year's best achievements of Polish songwriters and performers. It also showcases young debuting artists.

“The festival in Opole is a great celebration of Polish music. And also a great career path. TVP loves Polish culture, which we show through programmes such as ‘The Voice Kids’ and ‘The Voice of Poland’. TVP opened the path of promotion to young people,” said Mr Kurski.

The festival in Opole has been organised annually, since 1963, with 1982 being the only exception, when martial law was introduced in Poland. Together with the Sopot Festival it is one of the two most important music festivals in the country.

“The huge white and red flag hung on the Piast Tower next to the amphitheater is a novelty. For years I have been wondering why there was no Polish flag here, since we are celebrating our Polish music. I am happy that this has been achieved this year. Opole is a symbol of Polishness. For centuries, Opole and Silesia were in German hands, although it is native to Poland since 990,” said the head of TVP.