Rock Rachon: Migration crisis part of Russia’s plan to regain influence in region

For several months there has been a migration crisis on the border of Belarus with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, with Belarusian and Russian services transporting tens of thousands of illegal migrants into the European Union. Recently, the Polish Minister of Interior Mariusz Kamiński spoke about this issue in the Polish Lower House of Parliament.

The Internet is full of reports showing what the whole procedure looks like in practice, in which illegal immigrants are transported from airports in the Middle East and Africa to the capital of Belarus and further into the territory of EU countries.

All this is a part of the same process, which in its earlier stages led to the wars in Georgia and Ukraine. Through such actions, Russia wants to re-establish its imperial position in the region and regain influence in the countries that 30 years ago freed themselves from Russian domination with the collapse of the USSR.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Laurynas Jonavičius, Roberts Zīle, Jake Jacobs and Matthew Tyrmand.