Polish fuel giant to lead Masovian Hydrogen Valley

Polish fuel giant PKN Orlen assumed the role of a leader in the creation of Masovian Hydrogen Valley, which will include 16 entities with experience in developing hydrogen technology. The company is to be responsible for, among other things, establishing the Valley, defining its goals and preparing its action strategy.

“We undertake business activities based on a clearly defined goal: we will be an emission-neutral group by 2050. We are aware that hydrogen will play an important role in the transformation process, so we are determined to develop this future-oriented technology,” Daniel Obajtek, CEO of PKN Orlen stressed, quoted in the company's press release.

As he assessed, the “Masovian Hydrogen Valley” is an initiative that will bring tangible benefits to the company, as well as the Polish economy, facing the challenge of creating a new energy system based on low and zero emission sources.”

“We are carrying out ambitious projects... thanks to which we will become the leading producer of hydrogen in Central Europe,” Mr Obajtek assessed.

As indicated in the press release, in accordance with the draft Polish Hydrogen Strategy, at least five Hydrogen Valleys will be created in the country, and each of them will become a research, development and education centre in the implementation of this technology in the economy. The one created by PKB Orlen will be the central unit.

As Mr Obajtek announced, “ultimately, the total production capacity of all planned installations will amount to 1000 kg per hour.”

“The company has also started tender procedures for the construction of the first Polish hydrogen refuelling stations located in Poznań and Katowice (western and southern Poland, respectively),” PKN Orlen reported.