Minimum wage increased 72 pct since 2015

“The Council of Ministers is inclined to make the minimum gross wage PLN 3,010 (EUR 661) in 2022 which, compared to 2015, means an increase of 72 percent,” government spokesman Piotr Müller emphasised during a press conference on Wednesday. He also announced that in July this year employment was 1.8 percent higher year to year.

He stressed that “from the very beginning, when we won the elections in 2015, we consistently talked about the fact that the minimum wage must be regulated in such a way that the fruits of economic growth could be shared with all those who work for this growth”.

The spokesman added that at the same time the minimum hourly wage after adjustments to the minimum wage would be increased from PLN 18.30 (EUR 4) to PLN 19.70 (EUR 4.32) next year.

“All anti-crisis shields, financial shields had the effect that the Polish government was striving for/ First and foremost, they have helped to save jobs that were at risk due to the epidemic, but at the same time Polish entrepreneurs and employees showed initiatives that de facto allowed a raise in the employment rate,” Mr Müller said.

He also mentioned that the unemployment rate is at a very satisfactory level, because “it has decreased in the last month”. “This information gives good economic signs for the coming months and 2022,” the government spokesman concluded.