Tunnel in Świnoujście is of strategic importance, says President

“This is a truly memorable event. We are very happy that the tunnel is practically ready,” President Andrzej Duda said at the tunnel construction site in Świnoujście, northeast Poland. He thanked everyone “who financed this investment, who planned it and built it”.

The President added that this is a very important moment for the residents of Świnoujście and tourists visiting the city. It will “make life easier, improve communication and supply possibilities,” The head of state emphasised.

Although the tunnel is not finished and the grand opening is planned for next year, the final stage of drilling will be completed shortly.

“It is also a symbolic issue, this will be a connection with the rest of our country. For the inhabitants of this part of Poland, it is of great symbolic, political and strategic importance. I am glad that after decades this investment is finally completed, that promises are kept,” Andrzej Duda stressed.

The tunnel will connect the islands of Wolin and Uznam and the city centre in Świnoujście with the rest of the country. The whole investment will cost approximately PLN 1 bn (EUR 218 mln) and will be financed by the State Treasury and local authorities. The President thanked the local government for “boldly participating in the costs, not just relying on the State Treasury”.