Largest gas retailer raises prices as of October

From October 1, households using services of PGNiG Retail Trading - a part of the Polish state-owned company PGNiG - will pay 7.4 percent more for gas consumption, the company announced on Thursday

As specified by PGNiG, it applies to all tariff groups, while subscription fees remain unchanged. It will pertain only to household consumers, as it is the only group for which gas tariffs are approved by the regulator.

According to the Energy Regulatory Office, the motive for changing the tariff is the sustained increase in gas prices of the Polish Power Exchange, which has been the main source of gas fuel of PGNiG Retail Trading recently. Since the beginning of the year, gas prices have increased - depending on the data collection instrument - to as much as 234 percent.

This is the third upward change in PGNiG's tariff this year. In the first one, from April, the price of gas increased by 5.6 percent. The second increase, by 12.4 pct compared to the April prize, entered into force on August 1.

The estimates of the Energy Regulatory Office show that for a statistical customer who uses gas only to prepare meals, the payment for gas will be higher by 3.36 percent, which means an increase by PLN 0.72 per month. For customers who consume larger amounts of gas, e.g. for heating water - the payment will increase by 4.63 percent, i.e. by PLN 4.48 per month. On the other hand, consumers who use larger amounts of gas - mainly for heating houses and apartments - will pay an average of PLN 13.76 per month more.

PGNiG Retail Trading is the largest gas retailer in the country. As of 2018, they supplied more than 6.7 million clients with gas.