Brexit opens new opportunities for businesses: ambassador

Brexit has opened new possibilities for entrepreneurs from both countries. More and more business owners started to see Poland as an EU hub, said H.E. Anna Clunes, British Ambassador to Poland in an interview with TVP World’s Business Arena.

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She added that although the costs of running a business in Poland are climbing, they are still attractive enough to foreign entrepreneurs, who also choose this country due to the well-educated workforce.

Ambassador Clunes pointed out that for the fifth time, the Belvedere Forum was a chance to bring people of both nations together and to talk about culture, common future and trade opportunities, as well as the post-Brexit and post-pandemic economic situation.

In the opinion of the ambassador, it is hard to disentangle Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, as both of these had a significant impact on the British-Polish trade, especially in late 2020. Yet, the economy is slowly recovering, as a month on month rise has been observed. For example, UK imports from Poland returned to pre-pandemic levels.

According to the ambassador, what also connects both countries are people who emigrated to the UK from Poland. Some of them, now with a lot of experience, decided to return to this part of the world, creating “a living bridge between our two countries.”