Polish General to head NATO’s International Military Staff

General Janusz Adamczak has been elected to be the next Director of the NATO International Military Staff (DGIMS), the Polish president Andrzej Duda announced on social media on Saturday.

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“Gen. Janusz Adamczak was elected to one of the most important allied positions - director of the NATO International Military Staff. Great success for Poland and for the General! Congratulations!”, the President wrote on Twitter.

According to the NATO website the International Military Staff “provides strategic and military advice and staff support for the Military Committee, which advises the North Atlantic Council on military aspects of policy, operations and transformation within the Alliance”.

The DGIMS is nominated by the NATO Chiefs of Defence to head the Alliance’s International Military Staff for a term of three years. General Adamczak will take up the position in the summer of 2022 when Lieutenant General Hans-Werner Wiermann’s term ends.

General Janusz Adamczak has been the Polish Military Representative to the NATO Military Committee since August 2018.