March for Life and Family passes through Warsaw streets

For the 16th time, the National March for Life and Family, passed through the streets of Warsaw under the slogan “Father - be, lead, protect.” It was dedicated to, among other issues, the beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński - a defender of the dignity of human life and the value of marriage and family.

Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński officially beatified by Pope Francis

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Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in force, this year, instead of marches in over 140 Polish cities, there was one in the capital. Participants walked with banners manifesting the value of life, as well as national flags and colourful balloons.

Referring to the slogan “Father - be, lead, protect,” Paweł Ozdoba, the head of the Life and Family Centre, noted that “a responsible and strong father and a strong man are needed not only by the family, but also by the whole society”. He noted that the march is also an opportunity to demonstrate pro-life values.

Mr Ozdoba pointed out that recently “there are various kinds of social and political initiatives that hit the family and the institution of marriage as a union between a man and a woman.”

As an example, he indicated the last resolution of the European Parliament, which - as he assessed - “leads de facto to force EU member states to adopt solutions aimed at legalising the so-called same-sex marriage.” In this context he recalled that the Polish Constitution protects marriage.

He added that the march is also a time of thanksgiving for the beatification of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński.

“The Primate of the Millennium was so often called the ‘Father of the Nation’, hence the connection. We wanted to show that Polish fathers are responsible. We want to send a signal not only to the whole of Poland but also to the whole world that there are men in Poland who take responsibility, that they do not run away from it,” said Mr Ozdoba, opening the march.