Amputee football: Poland scoops bronze at European Championships

The Polish national team in amputee football defeated Russia 1:0 and won the bronze medal at the European amp football championship held in Poland. The title of the champion of the Old Continent went once again to Turkey, who crushed Spain 6:0.

After losing to Spain 1:2 on Saturday in the semi-final match, the Poles were eager to bounce back against Russia and conclude the tournament on the podium spot.

The match for the bronze medal was tight, and the Polish team faced problems with finishing their actions. The best chance came in the 27th minute, but Kamil Grygiel missed the penalty.

Nevertheless, Poland took the lead in the 33rd minute as a confirmation of a dominant style of play. Jakub Kożuch netted the ball with a precise shot right next to the post.

After the final whistle, the Poles were overjoyed. On home soil, they defended the bronze medal won at the previous European Championships in 2017.

“This medal tastes the best in the world. It is brown, but only our own, won at home, in Kraków,” one of the footballers, Krystian Kapłon, said after the game.

“I was supposed to make a surprise in the last match and it happened,” said the scorer of the only goal in this match, Jakub Kożuch.

Amputee football is played by athletes who underwent a unilateral amputation of the lower limb - in the case of field players - or the upper limb of goalkeepers. Matches last 2x25 minutes.