Poles declare liking to read books: survey

The vast majority of Poles (62 percent) declare that they like reading books, according to a new CBOS survey.

Poles buying more books amid COVID-19 pandemic: report

The sale of books in Poland has been increasing with double-digit tempo, according to Nielsen’s company panel, quoted by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily.

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Compared to 2011, there was not only a small, by only 1 percentage point, increase in the percentage of people who consider themselves lovers of books, but also a decrease of the number of those who do not like reading (by 3 points).

72 percent of women like to read and only 50 percent of men like to do so. In turn, 47 percent of men say they are not fond of reading, compared to 26 percent of women.

In rural areas 50 percent of people like to read, in cities 68 percent and in largest agglomerations - 78 percent. 70 percent of Poles with secondary education and 86 percent with higher education like this way of spending time compared to 37 percent of respondents with primary education.

Sensational literature and crime books are the most popular genre with 25 percent of the votes. The number of guide readers fell from 24 percent to 12 percent. The vast majority of respondents, 65 percent, prefer paper books. 7 percent like e-books and 3 percent audiobooks. E-books are most often used by young people.

Nearly 40 percent of the respondents declared that they read a book for pleasure within the last 30 days and 62 percent admitted that during the last month, they have not even once held a book in their hand.

30 percent of the respondents did not read a single book in the year prior to the survey. 7 percent read one book, 15 percent - two or three books, while 14 percent declared reading four or five books. Moreover, 13 percent of the respondents finished reading six to ten books.