TVP’s film awarded at Golden Prague International Festival

The documentary film “Agony” produced by Polish public broadcaster TVP and directed by Tomasz Knittel, was recognised by the jury as the best documentary film devoted to music, dance and theatre at the Golden Prague International Festival.

Polish Television documentary nominated for Czech TV awards

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The film competed with 24 other productions from around the world nominated for awards.

The main theme of “Agony” is the passing of music by word of mouth, but also the passing away of its last representatives - the generation born before WWI and WWII.

The film portrays the departing folk culture of various regions and the passing of traditions. It is a nostalgic story about the cultural and sociological changes of the 20th century, a story about the displaced peasant identity, and about today’s archaeologists who try to preserve old traditions.

The film was directed by Tomasz Knittel, based on a script by Adam Strug, who is also the narrator of the story. The author of the photos is Nicolas Villegas.

"The jury voted for this documentary for it has presented folk music as an indigenous bridge between generations – past and present. The timeless beautiful rhythms which flow throughout the entire film reflect upon extraordinary people in their rustic, musical environment and show that their art – their folk music, still lives and can be passed onto the next generations to be appreciated and explored," said the jury in its official statement. “Agony” premiered on October 12, 2020. The documentary was already a laureate of the Audience Award of the Warsaw Film Festival in 2020 and was nominated for the main award (Magnolia Award) at the international Shanghai TV Festival (STVF) in June 2021.

The Golden Prague International Television Festival, organised by the Czech public broadcaster, enjoys a global reputation as an annual meeting place for the television industry, during which experts and audiences have the opportunity to learn about the best dance, theatre and music documentaries, concert recordings and stage productions, as well as meet directors producers, actors, singers and dancers in person.

The Czech Crystal Award is awarded in three categories: the best documentary programmes dedicated to music, dance and theatre, recordings of stage work and recordings of concert performance.

The 58th edition of the festival took place between September 21-25, 2021.