Talks with Poland on National Recovery Plan ongoing: EC

The European Commission (EC) has not yet evaluated the Polish National Recovery Plan; no date has been set for the end of talks between Poland and the EC on the matter, Dana Spinant, a spokeswoman for the European Commission (EC) said on Monday.

The National Recovery Plan lays out how Poland intends to spend up to some EUR 58.1 bn, including EUR 23.9 bn in grants and EUR 34.2 bn in loans, in EU funding intended to help the country recover from the effects of the Covid pandemic.

Poland submitted its draft of the plan to the EC on May 3 and it requires the approval of the EU before the funds can be accessed.

At the beginning of September, European Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni appeared to suggest that negotiations between Brussels and Warsaw on the plan were being drawn out by Poland calling into question the primacy of European Union law over national legislation in a case regarding changes to the Polish judicial system.

Last week, Polish European Minister Konrad Szymański said that the EC had no grounds to delay its decision regarding the Polish plan, and added that the EC "has been acting with no legal basis."

"Poland, just like several other countries, has received no funds. ...The Polish Recovery Programme is being debated on behalf of the Polish government by Deputy Finance Minister Waldemar Buda," he stated, expressing hope that Poland will receive the funds before the end of the year.