Who upset the apple cart? Bittersweet situation of Polish apple growers

Poland has a long tradition of apple-growing, offering a large selection of varieties of taste, density, crunchiness and juiciness. However, dark times have come for the farmers, as apples of even the highest quality are not sold for much.

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This Central-European country is one of the biggest apple producers on the continent. Since every fourth apple on European store shelves comes from Polish orchards, it is natural to think that this fruit is very popular in Polish kitchens as well. It is used to make such delicacies as apple pie or apple cider, which is becoming more and more popular every year. Apples can also be eaten straight from the tree.

Yet, the prices of the fruit have recently been below the price of production, as the devastated farmers cannot export the apples east due to the Russian embargo and the conflict with Belarus. Instead, to save their business, they have to seek other, more exotic destinations, like Egypt.