Rock Rachon: View on elections in Western Europe

The German parliamentary elections and its possible outcome on the European Union were the first topic of the latest edition of Rock Rachon programme. This episode also included a discussion about attempts to create a united conservative movement in France and upcoming elections there.

In the elections held on September 26, the social-democratic SPD, Germany’s oldest party, won with 25.7 percent of the vote, up five percentage points from the 2017 federal election and ahead of the CDU/CSU Christian-democratic bloc on 24.1 percent.

The Greens came in with 14.8 percent and the liberal Free Democrats Party (FDP) 11.5 percent. Right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) gained 10.3 percent and the post-communist left-wing Die Linke did not exceed the electoral threshold with the result of 4 percent.

The second part of the programme concerned France, the next year’s presidential elections as well as ideas of uniting the conservative groupings in one common movement.

Rock Rachon’s guests were Matthew Tyrmand and former French MP Marion Maréchal.