Poland opposes EU’s LGBT, gender policy being part of children’s rights agenda

Poland blocked the EU’s “Conclusions on the strategy for the rights of the child” at the meeting of the EU Council in Luxembourg. At the meeting, Poland is represented by Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta, who said that "the document, contrary to its title, affects the child's right to be raised in a family consisting of a father and mother, because instead of supporting the child's welfare, it is an element of the EU policy promoting the LGBT environments and gender ideology."

According to the Polish Press Agency PAP, Hungary also opposed the document.

"According to the (European) Commission, the document is to be the basis for launching a legislative process in the field of recognition of same-sex relationships in every EU country and recognition of the adoption of children by such pairs," minister Kaleta said.

As the European Commission points out on its website, the EU strategy for the rights of the child provides an EU framework for actions to better promote and protect children's rights.

The strategy, according to the EC, includes a set of measures to tackle issues such as the rights of the most vulnerable children, the rights of the child in the digital age, preventing and combating violence, and promoting child-friendly justice.