Polish fuel giant to increase number of petrol stations in Lithuania

“PKN Orlen wants to have 60 to 80 petrol stations in Lithuania by 2030,” Daniel Obajtek, CEO of the Polish oil giant, told journalists on Thursday. As he added, the network of Orlen stations in the country is “small, but sufficient.”

As Mr Obajtek added, this network will be expanded as needed and after appropriate analyses have been carried out. Currently, the company has 29 petrol stations in Lithuania, which, as Mr Obajtek said, “we are very much modernising and transforming to the premium format.”

“We plan to open three new stations in 2022 and we have another 10 sites already prepared for the investment process,” he announced.

Mr Obajtek stressed that Orlen's retail network in Lithuania is “small, but sufficient” due to the fact that the country's economy is tied to three large cities, and fuel retail sales are concentrated around only a few major roads.