Majority of adult Poles participate in loyalty programmes: study

The “ARC Rynek i Opinia” study published on Monday showed that two out of three adult Poles declare participation in loyalty programmes. This year, the number of users of such incentives increased by 5 percent.

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As the research showed, the “Moja Biedronka” programme of the retail network Biedronka remains the market leader, while “Żappka” app of Żabka convenient shops chain is the most frequently indicated by consumers as their favourite.

It was indicated that greater interest in loyalty programmes is visible primarily among women from the youngest and oldest age groups and among men aged 50-65.

While women are more interested in the programmes of chemist chains and supermarkets, men favour those of petrol stations.

The study also showed that those living in the smallest towns (up to 20,000 inhabitants) have a higher level of participation in the programmes .

“Increased interest in loyalty programmes this year may be a reaction to the rising prices of basically all products and services. Poles are looking for savings and try to take advantage of the opportunity to make savings,” Agnieszka Doktorska, author of the report, commented on the matter.

She added that mobile applications are very helpful in using such programmes.

“While earlier, it was often necessary to carry programme cards with you, now there is no such need, and we have everything on the phone. What is more, the applications on the phone help to quickly check the current promotions or the status of our account in programmes - it certainly is a great convenience and an additional incentive for customers,” she pointed out.