Polish-Czech emergency services take part in joint exercises

Polish-Czech fire manoeuvers involved an accident of a coach carrying children. Several people were posing as injured. Volunteer Fire Departments from the Podgórzyn municipality (western Poland), firefighters from Jelenia Góra (western Poland), as well as firefighters from three Czech cities located near the northern Czech border: Liberec, Tanvald and Desna.

The accident involving children was one of three simulated scenarios prepared for the manoeuvers. “We must constantly train, road accidents are particularly important,” the participants of the maneuvers said. There are more and more accidents near the border, which is why Polish-Czech exercises are necessary.

“I am pleased with these manoeuvers. Several dozen firefighters could practice, together with other services, probably on the most difficult event, which was a mass accident,” Colonel Engineer Peter Barton, Head of the Jablonec nad Nisou (northern Czech Republic) Fire Department.

Police officers, ambulance services and border guards were also involved in the manoeuvers amounting to a total of over 80 people.