Low employee turnover leading to rivalry for workers: survey

Polish companies may be forced to compete for staff as employee turnover in the domestic labour market continues to sink, Randstad, an HR company, revealed in a survey published on Tuesday.

The authors of the survey noted that only 19 percent of Polish employees changed their job in the past 6 months, a 1 percentage-point drop quarter on quarter, which may force employers to compete for staff.

Also down is the number of people actively looking for new jobs (from 10 to 9 percent) and those seeking employment (from 48 to 45 percent), Randstad wrote. Forty six percent of those polled said they were not seeking new employment (3 percent up quarter on quarter).

Asked about the reasons for seeking new jobs, 41 percent of respondents named wages, 37 percent mentioned employment conditions and 36 percent said professional advancement. 41 percent stated they were seeking only remote work.

According to the survey, the reluctance to change jobs stems from low optimism, expectations of a new wave of COVID-19 and rising inflation.

Randstad ran the computer-assisted survey between August 16 and 27 on a representative sample of 1,000 Poles.